Critical Areas For Success Online

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It is critical that you have a responsive website.

Did you know that more than 70% of people now surf the web on their mobile devices? If your site is not responsive, they will most likely not stay on your site for more than a few seconds.

Did you know that Google now, penalizes your rankings if your website is not responsive?

“Content Is King”

While it is important to organize your website for easy navigation, it is critical to have awesome content that speaks to your audience in the language they want to hear.

Did you know that we see an average of 5,000 ad messages a day? With all that noise, we have to pay extra special attention to the way we convey our message simply and effectively.

Managing Your Investment

Once you’ve invested into an online presence, it’s critical that you manage the routine updates necessary to keep it running smoothly. There are also systems and schedules for proper SEO so that your website can be used as a marketing and communication tool and not just an online brochure.

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Victoria Michaels

Victoria Michaels

Senior Designer

Victoria works with all top level executives on the design projects for the firm. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado. She lives with her husband, Todd and their three children, Sky, Velvet, and Bob. She enjoys skiing, hiking, and other family activities.

John Seviers

John Seviers

Sanitation Engineer

John has been with the company for more than 18 years. His job is facilitating the day to day maintenance issues develop. He prides himself on keeping the office running at 100%. When not cleaning up spills at the office, John enjoys drinking.

Evelyn Gross

Evelyn Gross

VP of Business Development

Evelyn works directly with our sales team and client base. For more than 10 years, she has been diligent in developing new business for the company. She lives with her husband, Brian and their Sheltie, Olver,

Leslie Phillips

I have used this company for many of my largest projects. They have always delivered on time and with surprising  excellence. I would recommend them to anyone.

Leslie PhillipsManager
Keith Myers

I would highly recommend this company for your next project. They are prompt, courteous, and always provide what you expect.

Keith MyersBusiness Owner
Roger Cole

I rely on this company for all my practice projects. I opened my practice in 1998 and they were the first company I used. I’ve never had a reason to look anywhere else.

Roger ColeMedical Specialist
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