It is important to have a company logo. It conveys a professional look and helps people remember who you are more easily.

It should be recognizable, distinctive, and attractive to your target audience. A logo is a single piece of art that should go on everything you distribute. You should not change the artwork at all during its lifetime. It becomes a symbol of your company’s values. A logo should be strong yet simple. A logo can evoke an emotional response in people. You should be able to transition it from color to black and white. A good logo should have at least an 8-10yr lifespan.

Logo Development

For this investment, you will receive three unique logo designs to choose from. These designs are based on our discussions and examples of logos you like. We will keep all three designs within the color choices you have selected (blue and green).


You will have an opportunity to review all the choices and select one design or a combination of elements from any or all the designs. We will discuss what we need to edit.


We will redesign the final choice and present it to you in (eps, png, jpg) formats. This will give you a digital file for any application you may need for design projects.

What if I need more designs to choose from or I don’t care for any of the first three?

Occasionally it is necessary to go through an extra design and editing session to develop the unique identity that represents your industry, style, & vision for your business. We charge based on concepts. If we combine existing concepts into one logo, that is not considered an additional concept.

How long will it take to design a logo?

It can take as little as three days to turn around your three design choices. We review sample designs you’ve given us along with other successful logos. We review hundreds of fonts to find certain looks that will work for your application. We review several color combinations of PMS (Pantone Matching System) shades and image gradation. We apply these elements in various combinations of shape, orientation, size, and manipulate the elements to work together as a seamless logo design.

Project Approval

Once we receive authorization to begin the project (either verbal or signed contract), we go through a design assessment of likes, dislikes, any special considerations or graphic design ideas. Sometimes we will go to Google and just discuss various designs we see and make recommendations and design concepts. If there is a balance due, payment is required before final design files are delivered.