Dynamic Digital Advertising – Make It Stick!

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Sticky Media has the LARGEST, HIGHEST definition mobile screen in the entire country.

SPECS:  72 feet long with truck attached / 53 feet long without truck attached / Screen Size: 30ft x 18ft

Interactive In-Cab Advertising

318 Yellow Cabs in Denver
300 Union Taxis in Denver
550 Metro Taxis in Denver (coming soon)

Ability to target taxis geographically

On average 463,000 per month

Our tablets allow consumers to interact with your company while riding in taxi cabs all over Denver. Now you have the ability to drive consumer action; Calls to action and app download instructions have never been so powerful.

Yellow Cab

  • Transdev is the largest taxi company in the United States
  • Over 30 years in business
  • 318 Yellow Cabs in Denver fleet
  • Roughly 238,000 unique fares each month
  • Roughly 72,000 airport pickups each month

Union Taxi

  • Fastest growing fleet in Denver
  • 300 Union Taxis in Denver
  • Roughly 225,000 unique fares each month
  • Roughly 70,000 airport pickups each month

Digital Signage that Pays

How Does Sticky Media’s Adtech Platform Work?

We design, install, and manage world-class digital signage for your business

  • 75% of the content on your digital signage is focused on your business
  • 25% is used for outside advertising

Not only do you receive a % of all advertising revenue that is displayed on your signage, but you also have the ability to promote your business at other non-competing companies within the Sticky Media Network.

Improve the Customer Experience

Increase Exposure

Increase Revenue

Benefits of stepping into the digital age

  • Control messaging that every customer receives
  • Increase revenue through point of sale advertising
  • Continuity between locations
  • Reduce printing costs

Get Your Message Out Through Strategically Placed Displays

Get Your Message Out Through Interactive In-Cab Advertising