1. Tell me a brief history of your company.
  2. What is your core product or service?
  3. What other products and services do you offer?
  4. What percentage of revenue comes from each product?
  5. Which product is the most profitable?
  6. Which product has the best potential for growth?
  7. Is there a need in your market that is not being met currently?
  8. Who is your target market?
  9. How do you advertise/market your business? (Rank from best to worst)
  10. How much time and money is spent each month on marketing your business?
  11. What is the average cost to acquire a new client?
  12. What is the average return on investment for your marketing expenses?
  13. What is the lifetime value of your existing clients?
  14. What is your biggest marketing challenge?
  15. Describe in detail your current sales process.
  16. Describe in detail your follow up process. In other words, how do you close first-time deals and how do you get existing clients to continue to buy from you?
  17. What is the average order size?
  18. How often do your clients purchase?
  19. What is your biggest sales challenge?
  20. Are you currently testing your marketing and sales efforts? If so, describe in detail.
  21. What are your goals for the business for the next 6 months, 1 year, 3-5 years and 10 years?

A USP or Unique Selling Proposition is the reason one business has an advantage over another.

Here are some questions to uncover your real USP:

  1. What do you – or can you – provide that is new, different, compelling or interesting?
  2. What can you do to be different from everyone else in your niche?
  3. What can you offer that will stand out?
  4. What are some unique needs of your potential clients?
  5. How can you make your service specifically meet their needs?
  6. Who are your competitors? What is their USP?
  7. What are their selling points?
  8. How do their businesses compare to yours?
  9. What are they lacking that you could improve upon?
  10. What are your biggest competitive advantages?


Colors and Logos

  1. Describe your color scheme for your business or practice.  Warm (fall colors) – Bright (summer colors) – Cool (winter colors)
  2. Do you have a specific color theme? Do you have Pantone colors?
  3. Do you have a logo? Do you have the art files? JPG, EPS, PNG, PSD, AI
  4. Does your logo have a story?